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Christmas Tree Skirt

I have been hoarding some Cotton + Steel holiday fabric for the past couple of years. I wanted to create all sorts of Christmas quilty goodness, but alas, it just sat in a box until I finally pulled it out to regain my sew-jo.

First up was to make a skirt for our Christmas tree. I used the Wonderland Christmas Tree Skirt pattern by Empty Bobbin Sewing Studio and fabrics from the Tinsel and Garland lines.

I have to say that cutting in to these fabrics wasn't as difficult as I've heard people talk about. Haha! It was actually exciting to be finally using them for a treasured keepsake, which has been my plan all along.

Wilson was very happy with my blocks, although he later would fall in love with it a bit more than I preferred, haha.

I chose to put a heavier weight fabric on the back. I had some leftover "duck fabric" from recovering our kitchen chairs, so it was the perfect neutral backing.

I used some selvages to create the ties for the opening of my skirt.

Since Wilson loved this so much, I made him wear it like a pancho. He was not impressed :P

Here's the final product before I put it under our tree!

And here it is once it was under our tree! You can also see Wilson's ornament for this year :)

Once we started wrapping presents, we realized that there wasn't enough clearance to place them under the tree, so the hubs built a box that lifted the tree up about a foot. Now the skirt doesn't hit the ground, but it still covers the box and looks just as awesome!

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