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Racing season has returned

The racing schedule down south always starts quicker than you expect. We've already had our first SCCA race of the season, and one race is quickly approaching.

The first SCCA Hoosier Racing Tires Super Tour at Circuit of the Americas was a success, both on track and off.

It was Eric's first race in Christine, and it was the first race for the car in almost two years. Oh, and we just installed a new transmission and drive-train in the car.

It went surprisingly uneventful. I saw surprisingly, because we have had all kinds of issues getting the new transmission installed.

Eric brought home two fourth place finishes, so it was a success in our book.

I had fun working registration and grid, but I'm really looking forward to our next event at NOLA Motorsports Park.

The Voodoo Super Tour, as it's become known, is my baby, and I love to see how it has grown over the past four years. I am the Race Chair for this event, but I also help with registration and grid.

Oh, and the food in New Orleans is second to none. We definitely need to plan a non-racing trip back to the Big Easy again soon.

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